Top 10 Hosting Providers

Here is my Top 10 shared hosting providers listing. This is solely my opinion and your experience may vary. This is not in ranking order. These are merely the 10 best shared hosting companies that I came across in my own personal experience. All the providers listed here are good but some may be more suitable for your needs than others. Please see my review of each provider for details.

1: Scalahosting – This is the web hosting provider that I’m personally using right now – even to host this site. I’m not on a shared plan however, but on a VPS. What I like the most about this hosting provider is that they have excellent support. You will have to try it for yourself to believe it but trust me when I say that you will get great technical support should you ever need it. Their infrastructure is also fast and reliable to boot!

2: HostGator – I was a long time customer of theirs and over the 5+ years with them I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Their shared hosting offering is affordable if you go with longer term plans. Reliability is also their strong suit. Support is also good from what I hear from other people, but I personally rarely used their support system, and when I did, they did resolve my issue without much fuss.

3: Hostinger – This is a very popular and large web hosting provider. They offer all kinds of web hosting services and products. For shared hosting they have very good prices and their other hosting offerings seem competitively priced as well.

4: Inmotion Hosting – These guys have been in the hosting business for a long time – 20 years so far! Their prices are reasonable and from my research they are well rated. This host is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their data centers and their Los Angeles data center is the first Go Green data center.

5: Glowhost – This company has very competitive shared hosting packages and I like the fact that they still allow you to pay for a monthly plan, unlike some other providers.  They offer way more than shared hosting though, so I recommend you explore all their hosting options. What I also like about them is that they have a wide variety of data center locations – 10 in North America, and 8 more spread throughout the world.

6: Namecheap – This company is huge on domains, but they offer competitively priced shared hosting packages as well. I use them to purchase and host all my domains. Check them out as I don’t think you could go wrong choosing them for your hosting provider.

7: AccuWebHosting – This company is great if you require Windows Server based hosting. So if you have a .NET application you want hosted these are the guys I’d recommend. They do offer traditional shared hosting packages based on Linux servers of course, but it’s good to see they offer you a wide variety of hosting options. One cool thing about this company is that they have a Windows VPS offering that caters to Forex traders. I used to make use of this type of product and having a forex VPS can definitely help if you’re using an automated trading system.

8: MochaHost – Another great company with a wide variety of hosting options. MochaHost also offers Windows based hosting options. There are too many hosting options to list or discuss here, so I’d encourage you to checkout their homepage and explore everything. One neat thing about them is they offer Windows reseller hosting, something that I don’t see too often.

9: WP Engine – This company specialized in managed WordPress hosting and WooCommerce online store hosting. The price for their most basic WordPress hosting package is definitely higher than a typical shared hosting plan but you will get a LOT better speed. This is professionally optimized WordPress hosting. Definitely consider giving them a try if you want a managed hassle free WordPress and WooCommerce hosting solution.

10: GoDaddy – This is a giant hosting company that probably everyone knows about. Their services are reliable and support is excellent. Prices are reasonable and they do offer a complete suite of hosting services ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers. I don’t think you can go wrong going with such a big name brand.

Honorable Mentions:

1) HostPapa Canada – If you need 100% Canadian owned hosting or the law requires that your hosting data remain 100% within Canada then HostPapa is who I’d recommend you go with. They offer good local support and the server infrastructure is hosted locally in Canada. I don’t think the mention specifically where their data centers are located, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s either in Ontario or Montreal, Quebec.

2) HostPapa USA – This is HostPapa’s USA branch. It’s pretty much the same thing as above just more geared towards a US or international audience. Obviously their data centers are in this case located in USA.

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